Kiviuq’s return- An Inuit Epic

Is an Inuit collective creation carried by the Qaggit Artic Theatre Company, which has toured in several Canadian cities. With no Inuit theatre space to speak of and wanting more than anything to share the stories they had learned as children, the creative artists went to visit the elders known as the "Inumariit" and whom the company describes as "the last indigenous Canadian people to have lived their lives traditionally on the land". It was they who taught them the history of Kiviuq, the legendary Inuit hunter. Combining traditional throat singing, music, the use of moving images and of course theater, Kiviuq return toured several Canadian cities.


Carlos Rivera biography

Carlos Rivera is an actor, dancer, choreographer, teacher and a director, originally from Mexico City. He is Mixteco and Nahua Indigenous descent. Graduated from Mexico’s City School of Dance and later attended the Center for Choreographic Research at the Mexican Fine Arts Institute. He collaborated for 16 years as Associate Artist for Red Sky Performance and had the opportunity to travel around the world. Carlos was involved several times on The Banff Centre for the Arts Indigenous Dance Program, where he worked as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. He graduated from the Indigenous Residency Program at the National Theatre School of Canada, where he is refined his artistic practice as an actor and director.

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