Home Dépôt

Dive into the universe of the CHSLD, a place of institutionalized living and dying, HOME DÉPÔT questions the notion of home (where we live/what inhabits us). Anne Sophie Rouleau and Marie-Eve Fortier invite poets and playwrights to meet people on the edge of the world, in their home room, and to write freely from this encounter and from who they are, from what inhabits them.


Marie-Eve Fortier biography

Since 2006, Marie-Eve Fortier has maintained a practice in visual arts. In 2009, she obtained a master's degree in visual and media arts at UQAM on the issue of the materialization of text. Her path naturally led her to theater and scenography. She deepened her approach by studying set design at the National Theatre School, where she graduated in 2017.  Since then, she has created several set designs, her work is shown at the La Chapelle theater, Espace Libre, the Maison des arts de Laval and soon at the Usine C and the Trillium theate