Greenhouse Effected is an experimental theatre piece to be created based on Exxon Mobil’s greenhouse gas study, which was internally disseminated in 1981 and released to the public in 2015. A mix of contemporary classical music, choral speaking, absurd and poetic text, and a fusion of technical designs will submerge participants in the conscience of a climate researcher who, despite their responsibility for the greater good, chooses to keep quiet about their discoveries regarding climate change.


The performance will explore the relationship between corporate greed and the push for individual responsibility for climate change rather than a collective fight. Greenhouse Effected will be a chance to collectively mourn the health of our planet and dream of ways we can come together to fight our climate impact as a society.


Ryan Wilcox is a queer, multidisciplinary artist with a love of collective creation. Their goal in theatre is to create a catalytic environment for new Canadian work that focuses on the voices that have yet to be heard and the questions that have yet to be answered. Through their training in production design and technical arts (NTS, 2020), they hope to enhance the creative companies they work with by using collaborative approaches that see beyond the traditional structures of theatre. Before attending NTS, Ryan completed Dalhousie University’s Technical Scenography program.


While at the National Theatre School, Ryan trained under the guidance of inspirational artists such as David-Alexandre Chabot, Brian Kenny, Maria Popoff, Craig Putt, Andrea Lundy, Rick Rinder and Debashis Sinha, among many others. On productions, Ryan has worked as a stage manager, lighting designer, and sound designer while collaborating with such acclaimed directors as Eda Holmes, Danielle Irvine and Krista Jackson.


Ryan worked on sound design for Little Thing Big Thing (Neptune Theatre), Penny’s Home Projects (Alinea Theatre), and The PEACE Project (Transitus Theatre). Ryan was also an apprentice stage manager for the Festival Antigonish and a stage manager for The Colour of Courage (Anthony Sherwood Productions).