Wanna be on a first-name basis with the Bard? Call Me Billy is a comprehensive, practical, inclusive and fun video series detailing how to approach and perform a Shakespeare monologue. The series breaks it down into easy-to-remember steps with helpful exercises folks can do at home. This series will culminate by inviting the audience to participate by filming their own monologue with the help of the tools they learned to use along the way. The project will evolve into a collection of work from people of all levels, experiences and ages engaging in the epic storytelling of Shakespeare! 


Leanna Williams is a South-African-Canadian actor, writer and musician from Regina, Saskatchewan. As a graduate from the National Theatre School’s acting program, she is most excited to delve into the world of Canadian theatre, film and television. She’s also interested in connecting people of all ages to the storyteller within themselves and empowering them to speak their imagination into existence.