• Des Fleurs pour Pina

    Des fleurs pour Pina, by Jocelyne Montpetit (2012)
    In the photo: Caroline Bélanger, Guillaume Gauthier, Gabrielle Côté, Alexandre Bergeron, Marie-Hélène Bélanger, and Jérémie Pratte (Interprétation, 2014)
    Photo: Maxime Côté

  • Virtual Tour (2013)

    In the photo (forefront, on the left): Geoffrey Simon Brown (Playwriting, 2014)
    Video: Michael Slobodian (2013)

  • La Beauté du monde

    La Beauté du monde, by Olivier Sylvestre (Écriture dramatique, 2011), directed by Gill Champagne
    Set, Costumes and Props Joëlle Péloquin (Set and Costume Design, 2012); Lighting Jérémie Boucher (Production, 2012 - French program)
    In the photo: Maxime Mailloux, Jean-François Pronovost and Patricia Larivière (Interprétation, 2012)
    Photo: Maxime Côté

  • Arctic Ocean

    Arctic Ocean, by Jill Connell (Playwriting, 2011), directed by Denise Clarke
    Set and Costumes Jenna McCutchen (Set and Costume Design, 2011); Lighting Rachel Dawn Woods (Production, 2011)
    In the photo (forefront): Philip Nozuka (Acting, 2011)
    Photo: Maxime Côté

  • Le Clown

    Le Clown, by Mathieu Héroux (Écriture dramatique, 2012), directed by Jacques Laroche
    Set and Props Ann Simard (Set and Costume Design, 2013); Costumes Laurence Mongeau (Set and Costume Design, 2010); Lighting Thomas Payette (Production, 2013 - French program). In the photo: Laurence Régnier and Félix Léveillé (Interprétation, 2013)
    Photo: Maxime Côté

  • Prod

    Open House (2011)
    In the photo: Frédérique Folly (Production, 2014 - French program) and Geoffrey Simon Brown (Playwriting, 2014)
    Photo: Maxime Côté

  • 2012 Open House

    Open House (2012)
    Scenic Design Gabrielle Bossé-Beal (Set and Costume Design, 2012)
    In the photo: Pierre-Antoine Pellerin and Rosine Chouinard-Chauveau (Interprétation students), and Léa Alexandra Robertson (Set and Costume Design student)
    Photo: Maxime Côté

  • Acting

    Movement Class with Rebecca Harper
    In the photo (forefront): Alyx Melone and Julie Trépanier (Acting, 2013)
    Photo: Maxime Côté

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Since 1960, the National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) has been recognized as a leading institution for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a playwright, director, actor, set and costume designer, or production professional. The NTS is unique: it offers high-level training programs in all aspects of the theatre arts, in both French and English. Many of its 2,000 graduates are among the country’s most active and versatile artists and designers.

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The National Theatre School of Canada offers incomparable training for actors, directors, designers, writers, production specialists, and artists of all kinds to create work that matters.

A few facts and figures – 2016-2017 school year:
(All programs combined, English and French sections)

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Students registered at the start of the 2016 school year:


Candidates accepted into their 1st year of studies:


Candidates who applied:



over 260 working professional artists

Provenance of the students:

10 Canadian provinces, France, Switzerland, Brazil, etc.

Here are some of the reasons why the National Theatre School is truly in a league of its own:

1. Small cohorts (from 2 to 12 students depending on the program), which ensures highly individualized instruction;

2. Training provided by professionals who are recognized and active in the theatre community; students can thereby forge beneficial ties with over 260 professionals who are shaping today’s theatre practice;

3. Practical training that emphasizes the interdependence of theatre crafts. Students work closely with their peers in other programs, thus expanding their skill set and contact network and enhancing their value in the eyes of the profession;

4. Campuses located in the heart of Montreal’s cultural districts – the Plateau Mont-Royal and Quartier des spectacles;

5. The professional shops (set and costume) and stages of the Monument-National, used for producing and presenting the graduating students’ public performances. Student have access, among others, to the Ludger-Duvernay Theatre main stage – an ideal venue for experimentation;

6. The TEC (Theatre Engaging Communities), a funding program that provides seed money for creating and presenting innovative projects initiated by students and recent graduates;

7. NTS bursaries, awards of excellence and an emergency fund that respond to the financial needs of our students and allow them to devote themselves to perfecting their art. Students also have access to various government loans and bursaries.

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You will find a great number of the NTS’s 2,000 alumni among Canada’s most outstanding artists and designers. They are recognized for their prolific careers on stage and in film, television, radio, opera, circus arts, and literature. Their reputations are well-established here, in North America, as well as in Europe and around the world. Their versatility and success are a testament to the quality of the training offered at the School.

Every year, our alumni receive numerous prizes and distinctions from the professional community in recognition of their achievements.

Here are a few familiar names:

  • Chris Abraham (Directing, 1996), director (Stratford Festival, CanadianStage), artistic director of Crow’s Theatre
  • Raoul Bhaneja (Acting, 1996), actor (Hamlet, solo touring production)
  • Henry Czerny (Acting, 1982), actor (The Tudors, The A-Team, Revenge)
  • Julia Course (Acting, 2009), actor, member of the 2013 Shaw Festival company (Major Barbara, Our Betters)
  • Colm Feore (Acting, 1980), actor (The Borgias, 24, Bon Cop, Bad Cop)
  • Natasha Greenblatt (Acting, 2007), actor (The Railway Children, Bomb Girls)
  • Allan Hawco (Acting, 2000), actor, writer, director, producer (Republic of Doyle), cofounder of the Company Theatre
  • Joshua Hind (Production, 2003), project manager, lighting & special effects, Cirque du Soleil (Iris, Mandalay)
  • Ann-Marie Macdonald (Acting, 1980), actor (Cloud Nine), author-playwright (Goodnight Desdemona, Fall on Your Knees, The Way the Crow Flies) and host (Doc Zone)
  • Jason Maghanoy (Playwriting, 2006), playwright (Ally & Kev), Community Investment Manager at the Toronto Arts Council Foundation
  • Steven McCarthy (Acting, 1997; Directing, 2010), director (Bliss), artistic director of Candles Are for Burning
  • Cimeron Meyer (Production, 1995), general manager, Old Trout Puppet Theatre
  • Hannah Moscovitch (Acting, 2001), playwright (This is War, Other People’s Children, Little One)
  • Sandra Oh (Acting, 1993), actor (Grey’s Anatomy, Death and the Maiden)
  • Kristin Pellerin (Acting, 2005), actor (Republic of Doyle, Soulpepper Theatre)
  • James Richardson (Production, 2003), technical director - creation and North American tour of Odysséo (Cavalia 2)
  • Eo Sharp (Set and Costume Design, 1989), designer (2013 Stratford Festival, Segal Centre)
  • Pamela Sinha (Acting, 1990), actor (Crash, The Little Years, The Penelopiad)
  • Emma Tibaldo (Directing, 2003), director, executive director of Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal
  • Sarah Yaffe (Production, 2006), lighting and set designer, founding member of Sidemart Theatrical Grocery

When asked to comment on the National Theatre School of Canada, this is what Ann-Marie MACDONALD (Acting, 1980) - Writer and Actor - responded.

The years I spent at the National Theatre School were like being shot from a cannon; there was no choice but to dare yourself. As we rocketed along, we were instructed and supported by the luminaries of the theatre community. Back on the ground, our diplomas were recognized as a most sought after passport. People knew we'd been launched by the School.
Claudia DEY (Playwriting, 1997) - Playwright and novelist

The School taught me, on the one hand, to be very true to myself in terms of a vision, to stick to that vision and be very articulate, clear and perseverant about it. And at the same time, it exposed me to new ideas and challenged me to go beyond what I initially thought was the right choice. I was encouraged to remain flexible in terms of approaches, to stretch myself stylistically.
Brendan HEALY (Directing, 2005) - Director and Artistic Director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Toronto, ON)