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Canadian citizens and permanent residents

  • Acting, Production Design and Technical Arts, and Set and Costume Design programs: $5,098.50
  • Playwriting and Directing programs: $5,896.75

International Students

  • Acting, Production Design and Technical Arts, and Set & Costume Design programs: $10,197
  • Playwriting and Directing programs: $11,793.50

International applicants are welcome to apply. However they must be aware that they need to sort out their student visa themselves, as well as travelling and moving to Montréal, Canada. If a selected applicant is not able to complete their visa process or get to Montréal, we will have to rescind their invitation to join the School and select another applicant. 

Also, given the context of the pandemic, program directors reserve the right to refuse an application if the health context is deemed too uncertain to accommodate international students.

Money should not be an obstacle to talent.

The National Theatre School offers its students different types of financial aid to assure their entire commitment to the learning of their art forms and to support their creative projects.

Student Bursaries

NTS offers bursaries to students whose financial situation might otherwise jeopardize their training. 

1st-year students will be eligible to a maximum of $1,000 in bursaries, while other students may receive a maximum of $5,000.

Application for bursaries takes place annually.

A small number of specific bursaries are issued without application in November.

Graduation Awards

Two awards are given out every year at the graduation ceremony. They are handed out to one or many graduating students, from any training program.

The Tullio Cedraschi Award recognizes a graduating student, in any discipline, who best exemplifies the mission and the values of the National Theatre School of Canada.

The Ada Slaight Prize is awarded to a graduating student, in any discipline, who demonstrates leadership and empathy in working with colleagues in both languages.

Emergency Loans Fund

Students may access a loan through the School, up to a maximum of $1,000 in a school year, through application to Student Services.
Loans must be reimbursed within the school year.

Starting in their first year, Production Design and Technical Arts students must have a laptop to complete their work and exercises. Students originating from Quebec who are applying for financial aid must mention it in their request, as it is recognized as a legitimate expense by the Student Financial Assistance Programs of the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec.


Program code

Our institution code: 749672

All English programs except Acting: FPAL

Acting: 561A0

French Section programs:

  • Interprétation: ENTC1
  • Création and Production: 561A0
  • Scénographie: 561A0
  • Écriture dramatique: X61C0
  • Mise en scène: X61C0


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