Centre for Innovation and Experimentation


The NTS Centre for Research and Creation will serve the needs of Canadian theatre by giving artists the time, space and resources to investigate the social, environmental and technological changes that are shaping the world.

Society is undergoing rapid and complex changes and the arts sector has something to offer and could be the motor of change. We hope to help the milieu build its understanding of the systemic issues that we have to tackle with art: systemic racism, colonialism, ableism...

We have the responsibility to amplify the reflections already undertaken by artists surrounding issues that are social, artistic, ethical, aesthetic and narrative. Artists are natural change makers but lack the resources to weave their art and knowledge to systemic realities.

How it works?


Labs in research and creationA question or a hypothesis explored by an artist or a group(archives/traces, open source, evolutive).

PartnershipsInvited partners who amplify the Centre's objectives orthe School's educational project (who present themselves to us orwhom we approach).


Organisations, thinkers, creators and makers! NTS has a network intra and extra muros that we will activate around the ideas of the Centre.


The Centre for Research and Creation is situated in the building of the Monument-National Pavilion but all its initiatives are rooted where the NTS communities and network of artists are.

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