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The Graduating Class of 2021 in Acting, Production Design and Technical Arts, and Set and Costume Design presents an exploration of Paula Vogel’s play Indecent, directed by Mike Payette in the magnificient Ludger-Duvernay Theatre. 

  • From December 8 to 12, 2020
  • Watch the backstage live stream by reserving here.
  • In English
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About the play

Paula Vogel’s investigation into one of the theatre world’s most controversial and hailed plays, God of Vengeance written by the profound writer Sholem Asch, is a testament to the power theatre in times of uncertainty, chaos and great loss.

The underlining force behind this play, however, is a rebuilding; a restoration of a collapsed community ridden with both external and internal conflict.  What a profound piece to be embarking on during these moments where there has been so much grieving and so much interruption in our lives.  But there are also respites of hope; reminders that we are still connected even when we are apart.  That is what God of Vengeance is for Lemml and the troupe.  It is what has guided us all in this process.  Even in isolation, community prevails, and art remains a vessel from which possibilities to reconnect, rediscover, and believe are as alive as ever.

There is always an element of risk in theatre, but building this piece with everyone has shown that courage, humility, and respect for the art will continue to be driving strengths that will take us through until we can all restore – with new eyes – again.


- Mike Payette

Photo credit: Geordie Productions

About the live stream



Mo Ahmed A3

isi bhakhomen A3

Justin Eddy A3

Isa Fuentes A3

Kaeleb Gartner A3

Anna Morreale A3

Callan Potter A3

Annie Rutherford A3

Romi Shraiter A3

Mara Teare A3

Dylan Thomas-Bouchier A3

Grace Vukovic A3

Hilary Wheeler A3


Set Designer
Jung A Im SCD3

Costume Designer
Maryanna Chan SCD3

Lighting Designer
Hailey Verbonac PT3

Sound Designer
Aurora Torok PT3

Video Designer
Ava Bishop PT3


Production Manager
Brianna Unger PT3

Technical Director
Tiffany Ledesma PT3

Stage Manager
Brendan Agnew PT3

Set and Prop Design Assistant
Daria Miscia SCD3

Costume Design Assistant
Mayumi Ide-Bergeron SCD3

Livestream Director
Caitlin Farley PT3

Assistant Technical Director
Marshall Kidd PT2

Head Carpenter
Aidan Sparks PT2

Assistant Stage Manager
Andie McMillan PT1

Assistant Stage Manager
Charlotte Baker PT1

Head Electrician
Jaxun Maron PT2

Lighting Assistant
Jordana Natale PT1

Head of Sound
Mitch Labrosse PT2

Sound Assistant
Isabella Robert PT1

Head of Video
Drew Lyall PT2

Video Assistant
Zachary Weibel PT1

Production Assistant
Caroline Nowacki PT1

Head of Livestream
Julian Smith PT2

Video Assistant
Anthony Allan PT1


Mike Payette

Musical Director
Floydd Ricketts

Production Management Coach
Andrea Lundy

Technical Director Coach
Shanna Miller (Production Design & Technical Arts, 1996)

Costume Design Coach
Cathia Pagotto

Stage Management Coach
Sarah-Marie Langlois

Lighting Design Coach
Andy Moro

Sound Design Coach
Rob Denton

Video Design Coach
Amelia Scott (Production Design & Technical Arts, 2014)

Head of Voice
Laurel Thompson

Head of Movement
Rebecca Harper

Apprentice Movement Teacher
Shauna Thompson (Acting, 2018)

Flight Coordinator
Anita Nitolli

Yiddish Consultant
Aron Gonshor

Presented in the



  • Tuesday December 8  7:00 PM
  • Wednesday December 9  7:00 PM 
  • Thursday December 10  7:00 PM
  • Friday December 11  7:00 PM
  • Saturday December 12  2:30 PM


Recorded at the Ludger-Duvernay Theatre - Monument-National campus

The backstage action will be livestreamed online!


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