Intergenerational Conversations

The Project

The National Theatre School of Canada’s Community Engagement team, and theatre makers Arianna Bardesono and Rose Plotek are bringing together Montreal-based grandparents and grandchildren in a unique moment of sharing that aims at shattering the separation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

8 pairs of grandparents and grandchildren will engage in spontaneous conversations over a virtual online platform. These conversations will be recorded, edited and will find completion in the form of a sound and video art installation available to the larger public.


The project will start by bringing together teenagers and their elders who are willing to participate and are interested in having a conversation.

In anticipation of these conversations with their grandparents, the grandchildren will be led through a series of workshops focusing on interview techniques, generating questions and identifying shared themes of interest.

No performance experience is needed to take part! You are already the experts of the real stories we are after!


  • You feel comfortable conversing and answering questions (all languages are welcome and celebrated).
  • Your age spans from 10 and 17 years old, for grandchildren (no limits for the grandparents!).
  • You are both based in Montreal.

Project Timeline

Be assured that the safety of our participants is at the heart of our concerns. We will apply the measures in accordance with the directives issued by public health for the recording, filming and presentation part of our project.

For grandchildren

- April 2021: introductory conversation with facilitators and grandparent (with legal guardian consent).

- May 15-22-29 and June 5, 2021: 4 workshops held online.

- Between May 30th and June 14th, 2021: one recorded interview.

For grandparents

- April 2021: introductory conversation with facilitators and grandparent

- April and May: a series of conversations with facilitators

- Between May 30th and June 14th, 2021: one recorded interview.

About Us


We believe diversity and accessibility are critical to our society and art. With that in mind, we support everyone’s right to an artistic experience. We are committed to ensuring a better representation of diversity in our courses and to making our resources accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we encourage people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, and ethnicities, as well as Indigenous people, people with lived experiences, and people of colour, to register for our programs. Our goal with arts engagement is to open the doors of the National Theatre School to as many people as possible. Through various courses, workshops, and programs, we hope to give different communities access to the resources and expertise developed at NTS over the past 60 years. We see it as our responsibility to connect with all those who have an interest in the performing arts. 


Rose Plotek is a theatre director and performance maker based in Montreal. She was Associate Director of the Directing Program at the National Theatre School of Canada from 2013-2018. Her work is often developed through inter-disciplinary collaboration and workshop.


Arianna Bardesono is a director and theatre maker based in Montreal. She has directed for various theatre companies in town, both in French and English. As a theatre maker, Arianna experiments in contemporary theatre practices, realizing projects that push the boundaries of theatre both in form and content.

Arianna is part of the teaching faculty at the National Theatre School of Canada, Concordia University and Dawson College.

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