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Money should not be an obstacle to talent.

The National Theatre School offers its students different types of financial aid to assure their entire commitment to the learning of their art forms and to support their creative projects.

Student Bursaries

NTS offers bursaries to students whose financial situation might otherwise jeopardize their training. Foreign students are also eligible.

1st-year students will be eligible to a maximum of $1,000 in bursaries, while other students may receive a maximum of $5,000.

Application for bursaries takes place annually.

A small number of specific bursaries are issued without application in November.

Graduation Awards

Two awards are given out every year at the graduation ceremony. They are handed out to one or many graduating students, from any training program.

The Tullio Cedraschi Award recognizes a graduating student, in any discipline, who best exemplifies the mission and the values of the National Theatre School of Canada.

The Ada Slaight Prize is awarded to a graduating student, in any discipline, who demonstrates leadership and empathy in working with colleagues in both languages.

TEC - Theatre Engaging Communities

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Students and recent NTS graduates (up to 5 years after graduation) may apply for for a grant to produce or perform art projects outside of the School if these projects demonstrate social or community involvement.

There are two types of grant:

- type 1: project including some elements of community involvement (maximum amount requested $ 2500)

- type 2: project with important community involvement or where the target community as a participation (maximum amount required $ 5000)

The distinction between the two types of grants allows for the encouragement of different types of projects, while at the same time funding projects that demonstrate stronger and measurable community relevance.

Apply now!

For any questions, contact:
Laurie-Anne Bergeron
514-842-7954, ext. 132

Emergency Loans Fund

Students may access a loan through the School, up to a maximum of $1,000 in a school year, through application to Student Services.
Loans must be reimbursed within the school year.


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