The engagement team aims to support, accompany, help various communities in art and community wellbeing projects. 

We foster collaborations with artists and communities sharing our ethic: 

  • Empower communities to self-develop  

  • Favor a process-oriented approach rather than a result-oriented one,  

  • Foster collaborations that stand the test of time. 

Our work uses art as a vehicle for building empathy, bringing people together to navigate the complexity of the times we live in. 


A collaboration between Menuentakuan, the Innu community of Pessamit and the NTS. From the page to the stage, the girls involved in this project had the opportunity to meet different artists, indigenous and non-indigenous, tell their stories and learn about the different disciplines needed to make theatre. With the distance of fiction and art, they were able to own their identity stories differently. We have seen them develop a renewed self-confidence.


The proud participants presented their play and shared their discovery and new confidence with their school friends, their community and the non indigenous students of Baie-Comeau. It was also by regarding theatre as a tool to generate empathy that they approached the work of art.


We saw the participants develop the courage to engage in difficult conversations with each other, with their mentors and with other community members. These trainings were also and opportunity to share, to create new friendships, solidarities and to resolve conflicts with imagination and respect.

Nuit Rouge

Since 2019, the arts engagement team has facilitated Nuit Rouge, an evening of performances and storytelling by the Indigenous artists of NTS (from the professional training programs and the artistic residencies).

For its second edition in 2020, Nuit Rouge took the shape of UTESSIT.


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