Andrea Lundy, Director of the Production Design & Technical Arts program, graduate's speech, May 1st, 2022.

Over the last couple of days, I have been trying to adequately express how much this class means to me. These challenges we have faced together strip the words away from my tired brain, but the adoration I feel for them is from the heart. There is no end to the respect and admiration I have for these 8 students – we have shared a moment in time together and for this precious gift I am forever grateful. Who would have guessed that the place to be during a pandemic was with a group of dedicated individuals in a small conservatory theatre school?

In December 2019 I wrote these words in your first term evaluations – and I share these thoughts with you again, so you remember the importance of taking care of each other and your peers.

To the 1st year Yous.

  • Place a high value on empathy
  • Remember to breathe. Breathing can be remarkably hard at times so pay attention.
  • Work hard and then when you think you are finished – try to work harder
  • Be generous with each other
  • Push each other to be better - to discover something deeper
  • Be curious to attempt something you haven’t tried before
  • Recognize and enjoy the moment when a fellow student discovers something and offers to share it
  • Failure shouldn’t mean defeat – it should be a stepping stone towards success
  • Perfection doesn’t exist and isn’t interesting. Blemishes help differentiate one thing from the next.

Today I would add these thoughts to carry you forward

  • Not even a pandemic can keep you from your path – you are destined to succeed and shine through the muck and murkiness
  • May your future selves remember to cherish the friendships you have developed with each other – your dedication to each other is unique and valuable
  • Remember all those hard days in the past 2 years – those days when nothing felt like a win, and we struggled to move forward. The people who showed up those days, those amazing people I would go into battle with any day.

I love you all – thank you for the time we have spent together and for how you continue to inspire me.