Jenepher Margaret Hooper Design Residency

About the residency

Long-term Design Residencies for artists with 5-10 years of experience. Design residents are selected by the Program Director.

This residency is possible thanks to a major gift from the estate of Jenepher Margaret Hooper (Set and Costume Design, 1967).

Made possible thanks to the support of the Jenepher Margaret Hooper Fund, this residency program aims to promote the educational and artistic contribution of a resident designer who acts as a mentor to the students for a full year. NTS's scenography program enjoys a high degree of flexibility in the construction and implementation of its educational curriculum. We believe that a strong program is a constantly evolving program, adapted to the reality and the needs of the arts community. In this spirit, we are looking for a person who can stimulate students' learning and bring an outside perspective on the curriculum to the program director. A new person is selected each year to fill this position. The resident receives a salary for the duration of the residency.

Resident Artist

Jessica Poirier-Chang

Since graduating from the National Theatre School of Canada in 2006, Jessica has been designing sets and costumes for theatre and film. With a college diploma in Fine Arts, Jessica flew to Italy in 2003 to complete her studies in painting, drawing and sculpture in Florence. After her studies, Jessica chose to live her passion for the arts on stage, a decision that still drives her today. She worked at the renowned Stratford Shakespeare Festival for four seasons and also designed costumes and sets for various regional theatres across Canada and in Quebec. It was at the National Theatre School that she met director Alexandre Marine, with whom she collaborated on several projects, including one that won the Production of the Year award in 2007 (Marie Stuart). She is also the creator and designer of an Etsy boutique, The Bag Lady Atelier, which has been a member of the Conseil des Métiers d'Arts du Québec since 2019.

Coaching, ongoing exchange and teaching

Structure of the residency

The residency is composed of three distinct components: coaching, ongoing exchange and teaching. The resident would work on one or several of these components, depending on their interests and the needs of the program as determined by the program director.

Coaching component

  • Encourage 2nd- and/or 3rd-year students in their creative process as they design sets and/or costumes for graduate productions.
  • Support 2nd- and/or 3rd-year students in the development of their skills in management, leadership and in understanding of their artistic practice.
  • Provide support during production meetings, fittings, meetings with technical and construction teams, heads of shops.
  • Collaborate with the program director to promote the pedagogical development of each student.

Educational component

  • Encourage students to deepen their practice through various means (meetings, readings, workshops, etc.).
  • Supervise students in a set and/or costume project.
  • Develop a creative project with the students.
  • Participate in certain steps of the new candidate selection process.

Ongoing exchange component

  • Create, in collaboration with the program director, an inspiring project that will promote the creation of ressources which facilitate the students’ creative process.

In addition to these three components, the resident set designer is encouraged to:

  • Share observations on the program on an ongoing basis with the program director.
  • Develop a personal project whose impact will be transmitted to the students.
  • Interact with other NTS teaching programs (French and English sections) to promote exchanges and build bridges.

The Hooper Residence is a part-time program over one academic year (September 2020 to April 2021) that requires an availability of 600 hours throughout the year. Several days of availability is required in May/June while the schedule is created, it is at this time that the resident’s pedagogical engagements will be determined.

The person chosen must reside in Montreal while fulfilling the hours stipulated in the contract. The fee will be distributed as a salary dispersed over the course of the period of implication.

Candidates must:

  • Have 5 years or more of professional experience as a set designer and/or costume designer.
  • Want to learn and to share their experiences with the NTS community.
  • Be bilingual.

Diversity in all its forms will drive the sector, and candidates from all backgrounds, communities, orientations and abilities are encouraged to apply.


Applications should be sent to with the subject line “Hooper Design Residency.” The application must include (as attachments and in PDF format):

  • A detailed curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages)
  • A letter of motivation answering the following questions:

1. Tell us about your artistic approach and work ethic.
2. What are your motivations for mentoring students?
3. What do you hope to retain from this residency?
4. In your opinion, what are the current issues related to the practice of scenography?
5. Why choose a residency at this point in your career?

  • 2 references

Only successful candidates will be invited to interview.

Please note: this residency is not currently available to applicants from outside of Canada.

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